Exotic Snacks, a company with a taste for worldwide snacks

Exotic Snacks trademark was created in 1985 and was a pioneer in importing snacks products, including dried fruits and nuts to the Swedish market. Today Exotic Snacks is the market leader in the category for nature snacks, with 25 years experience of the FMCG market within Sweden.

Exotic Snacks can offer a wide assortment of nature snacks and candy. Our product portfolio contains over 140 products, both a pick-and-mix assortment as well as ready packed products.

The Exotic Snacks brand – core strenghts

Focus on quality insurance & product experience – Carefully chosen suppliers, natural ingredients, self control program that guarantees product quality all the way from factory to consumers.

Knowledge based on long experience – An experienced product developer and a trendsetter in the nature snacks/sweets category.

More than a market leader – With our long experience and competence we can judge product quality to the fullest. To our customers and consumers we can offer product experiences from all over the world.

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